Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Me SICK!!!!!
Ok folks, it is spring in South Louisiana. Flowers are blooming everywhere, pine trees are pollenating, oaks are showing an attraction for each other, and it's all in the air! Thus, me sick! This started for me last Friday and I am still down with it. I finally got an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow. I want SHOTS! One is each butt and I will be good to go. That is what it usually takes for me to get past this epizooty.

I have to get over this soon, because a week from tomorrow, we are flying out to Canada to visit friends and watch their daughter get married. We are really looking forward to the trip. I will try to post while we are there to keep you all up to date.

Well, I have spent all my energy for today, so I am closing for today. Will post more later.

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