Sunday, October 29, 2006
Trying again for pics

Yesterday I was trying to show you all what I am doing in the guest room at my house, and booger, I mean blogger took a dump. Apparently they don't like pictures being posted. Anyway, here are the pics I was trying to post.

The rest of the Throw pillows:

Bedspread and Valance: In Brick Red

Headboard for guest bed:

The pillows in this pictures are the color of the bedspread and valance.

Now that I have the rest of the pics up, tell me what you guys think.

Now I feel better since I got all the pics loaded! Thanks booger oops blogger!
Saturday, October 28, 2006
Nothing much to say

I do have some pretty good news about Mom. When she went to the Hemotologist this week, she didn't have to have any blood drawn off because her blood count is in the high/normal range. He said we could wait two more weeks and check it again. Yahoo! That was a very nice surprise.

Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy is coming January 2, 2007 to the River Center. I can't wait to see it. The last one we went to was so beautiful/colorful. If you get the opportunity, GO SEE IT! Also STOMP is playing February 24, 2007 too. I have seen it 3 times, but I am looking forward to seeing it again as well. It is well worth seeing. It's fun to see.

We were thinking of going up to Angola tomorrow for the rodeo, because it is the last weekend, but it doesn't look like we will be going now. Tom spent the day helping a friend cut up a tree that fell in his yard during the Friday morning storms that passed through. There was quite a bit of damage in that area. We didn't get those straight line winds though so we faired pretty well. Just a few large limbs all over the place.

Anyway, I had big plans for today to do a lot of work in the guest room, but that didn't come to pass. I was bringing in some stuff from the storage units, and something happened to my hip. I heard it pop and I screamed in pain, and then I couldn't put any weight on it after that. I am on crutches now. I guess I will be at the Orthopaedic's office Monday if it's not any better. Well, that was the end of my big plans for the guest room.

I did fin
d some of the linens I had been looking for though. Then this afternoon, I bought some sheets online (see pic on left) along with some throw pillows that will go nicely in that room. I have a brick red spread and valance, I ordered gold sheets and the pillows are a little of both. I also ordered a headboard. Shoot, I just may move into the guest room when I finish it. I really like how it's coming together.

Here are the pillows:

Well, there is ONE of the pillows: Apparently after I posted these two pics, Blogger went on the pic blip again. That is really getting to be a nuisance. Ok, I will post more when booger, I mean blogger, decides to cooperate.

I guess I had more to talk about than I thought.

Sunday, October 22, 2006
Letter to the Editor!
Benny’s Carwash

This is in regards to an incident that happened at Benny's Car Wash on Coursey Blvd. on 10/20/06 at approximately 12:30 pm. It seems that the car wash was broken and not touching the back ends of any of the vehicles that went through there that day. The Manager, Ed Norman, would not shut the machine down but kept running cars through the car wash and blatently taking money from people knowing full well the people were not going to get what they paid for.

There were several people trying to talk to him at the same time I was there about the same problem. He refused to help anyone other than to allow each one of us to hand wash the back end of our own cars and then run through the carwash again. Is that going to help? NO! If it didn't wash the back end the first time, why would it wash it the second time? Make sense? Not to me. I informed him also, that I was handicapped and that I physically could NOT wash the back end of my vehicle even if I wanted to. He told me that was not his problem, that this was an express wash and he was not responsible for that fact that it didn't work. I wonder what the ADA would say about that.

I asked for his supervisor's name. He first ignored me for several minutes while I continued to ask for his supervisor's name and then refused to give me the name but did give me a number, which turned out to be at the Airline office.

There I spoke to Mr. David Whitehead who ended up telling me that the reason the backend of my car did not get washed was because I have a plastic window wiper on the back window. I told him that was rediculous and that there were more than just my vehicle that this had happened to today and how rude Ed Norman had been.

Mr. Whitehead then started yelling at me over the phone that I did not seem to understand the term 'express wash' and that there were two racks in the wash and therefore I should not have had this problem. When I tried to tell him that it wasn't just ME that was having this problem there today, he continued to use the 'plastic window wiper' excuse and the two rack reasoning to imply that it was not their fault that the car was not washed.

It is my opinion that if a wash is not washing, it should be shut down until such time as the machine is fixed. Mr. Whitehead had not even been informed that the machine was obviously not working properly. If the machine continues to run and people are continuing to pay without previous knowledge that there is a problem, that is called stealing! Therefore, I say Benny's Car Wash on Coursey Blvd. is knowingly stealing from the public without the public's knowledge. It is a real shame that this is allowed to keep happening. What can I do about this? I want this kind of 'lack of customer service' stopped. And I want an apology from Mr. Ed Norman and Mr. David Whitehead. I also want them to admit the problem was theirs and that they knowingly took money from each and every customer in there that day.

Meanwhile another gentleman at the Airline location offered to wash my car at that location for me and did so. Mr. Whitehead said this man should not have done that. What happened to common courtesy and customer satisfaction? Please print this, I hope it will prevent others from getting their money stolen too, as many of us did today at Benny's Carwash on Coursey Blvd.
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Today while going to a nearby town on the interstate, I see a girl throw a Pepsi can out the right hand window of her car onto the highway. PISSED ME OFF! There is no reason for that.
People who throw trash and garbage out of their cars should be given BIG fines. I see it happen all the time. There is a number we, in Louisiana, can call to report people that do that. They right you a letter saying you were observed throwing whatever out of your vehicle on such and such road at such and such time, going in such and such direction. I should make people THINK about the fact that someone is watching them act like animals.

Anytime I see people throwing trash or cigarette butts (also illegal in Louisiana) out of their car, I call and report them. And I reported this vehicle today too. It is rediculous to me that human beings want to throw their garbage all over the highway instead of putting it in a trash bag in their vehicle to get rid of at the service station everytime they get gas. It's not hard to do.

It makes me think these folks throw garbage all over their homes and their yards too. Do they really not CARE that the highways in Louisiana look like trash piles instead of clean nice looking grass. It is also dangerous as well as horrible looking. Just think of the grass cutting machines hitting those cans, bottles, etc. and throwing it across the highway into your windshield. Bad news.

It just gets all up under my skin when I see people do this. I sure hope none of you throw trash out on the roads in your or any other state. If you do, just remember SOMEONE is watching you do this, and they might report you to the authorities. I will!
Friday, October 06, 2006
Happy Clock
Funny how, since I retired, Fridays and Mondays just aren't the same for me anymore. I am NOT complaining mind you, but for the past 40+ years I have lived for Fridays and dreaded Mondays. Every Sunday afternoon I would get so depressed because I knew I would have to get up in the morning to go to work. Now I don't even think about it anymore, except to know that my hubby has to get up and go to work.

It is strange how little things control our thoughts and actions all through our lives. Then suddenly those same little things no longer matter. I haven't let go of my clock yet though. I still have to be places at certain times on certain days, but those can be scheduled at MY descression. That is the beauty of my happy clock. We get to do things when WE want to not when a boss or someone else says to.

I am just getting used to life retired. It really does change your whole perspective about time. It is 1:30 am and I am up blogging instead of snoozing waiting for an alarm clock to ring. Happy clocks don't have alarms. That is wonderful!

Wishing you all Happy Clocks in your future.
Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Pool closed!
I was so angry yesterday after hearing about what happened in PA to the Amish school house, and today I am just so sad. Two more girls died today. Just sad. I don't know what else to say about it. This guy was some kind of sicko that was planning to moleste them too. I am grateful it never came to that. Now two of the girls from the same family have died. Just sad.

On a lighter note, I had a long lunch with a good friend today. We talked for over 1 1/2 hours without realizing how much time had passed. It was a good conversation. I don't remember enjoying anything so much in a long time. The food was good too. I had fried shrimp and they were so light and crispy. YUMMMMMMM. My friend had Maih Miah with shrimp sauce and butter rice and salad. Another Yum! Ok enough about that.

I went to the pool store today and picked up the chemicals to use for closing my pool for the winter. This will be the first time having it during the winter. It has been so nice and clean and clear all summer, I want it to stay that way. The 'pool guy' told me how to treat it so that when I open it in the spring, it will be just as clear as it is now. Good. I bought a solar chemical so that the water will warm up enough for me to get in the pool one more time so I can vacuum it and clean it really well before closing. So in a couple of days, I will be in the pool. Haven't been in in a while, so I am looking forward to that.

I am just being boringly rambly, so I will close for now. You all have a nice day.
Monday, October 02, 2006
What's going on?
I am really upset about the shootings of the Amish girls in PA today. Those are the most peaceful people and don't bother anyone. WTF did this nutzoid think he was doing??? Why does God allow things like that to happen in this world? I just can't help but question crap like this. It's not right. It's one thing for that creep to kill himself, by why choose to execute 3 young girls that don't even KNOW him! If something happened to him 20 years ago, Damn it, get some counseling! Don't go out and shoot innocent people! Now these families are devastated, HIS wife and his family is devastated and his children are devastated. I AM SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS! I sure hope he spends his eternity in HELL! He sure created hell for a lot of people today.

That's all I can say today. I am just so pissed.
Sunday, October 01, 2006
Whew! What a busy week!

Mom and I spent this entire week doing SOMEthing every day. Here a doc, there a doc, everywhere a doc doc. Every day we go to docs, E I E I Oooooooo!

Mom has two really hot docs (as Anne would say), so I get to just go sit in there with her and stare at them while they are talking with her. One of them even gave me a hug!

Another thing I did this week, was to go to a retirement party at my old job, so I got to see all my friends from work. That was nice. I visited for about 2 hours with them and really enjoyed seeing them. My former boss, didn't even say hello to me, which I thought was sort of rude, but whatever floats his boat! No skin off MY back. I sure didn't loose any sleep over it!

I have had son problems this week, and it just drained me emotionly. He just doesn't get it. He is 28 years old and needs to GROW UP!!!!! He causes problems between me and my husband and just doesn't understand why! It's sad to say, but I'd just rather he stay away completely.

Well that's it for today...not much of an update, but at least I posted.