Sunday, October 28, 2007
Shattered glass!
Friday, something really strange happened to me. I was driving down the highway going toward town from our house. There was a man on the right side of the rode, very close to the edge, mowing grass with one of the ZTRs (zero turn radius lawn mowers). I was watching him and just as I passed him, I heard the loudest explosion sound! I nearly jumped out of my skin. I thought someone had shot at my car or something. But what happened was, his lawn mower threw a rock and it hit the rear passenger door window and shattered it.
Anyway, I was shaking like a leaf and in tears at that point because it scared me so badly. I turned around and went back to find the man and he ended up paying to replace my door glass. $215.00. I am glad I went back, because I sure didn’t have $200 to pay for a new door glass.

I went to the Glass Doctor in town Friday afternoon and they replaced the window, but when they were doing that, they broke the switch that makes the window go up and down. Now they have to order a new switch, so I have to go back there one day this week to get that taken care of. Man! What a day! And all I wanted to do was go to the Produce stand to get some fruit.
Dropping off!
I weighed in this morning and I am down 3 more pounds! I know this will slow down as I am able to eat more things, but I am certainly enjoying this. I can see the weightloss in my face now. I am starting to get definition to my face and have already lost a couple of chins. LOL

My mood has been different the last few days. The doc says that my harmones are crazy right now because of the surgery, and that it will settle back down by mid November. I sure hope so, because I am happy one minute and chewing nails the next. My hubby doesn't have to do very much these days to really piss me off. But it's more about me than him. He is just being himself and doing the same as always, but I am very irritable right now.

The weather here has been awesome for the last few days. We have had clear skies, mild temps, and low humidity. Today it is very windy and still very clear. The State Fair is here in town, so it's a really nice time to go to it.

I haven't been in years because it's too much walking for me, but for all the people who do go, it should be great this year. Most of the time it rains when the Fair is here and it's a mud hole out there, but, so far, not this time. Blue skies for everyone today!
Thursday, October 25, 2007
Big surprise!
Yesterday, I went to the doc for my two week check-up. They weighed me and said I had already lost 20 #s plus..... I told them that was not correct because I had weighed the day before and it was 16 plus then. They repeated my new weight. Hmmmmm......

I got up this morning and weighed first thing and it really was 20.2 less than when I started. Awesome! I can't get over how well this thing works.

Today am allowed to start with soft regular foods. For dinner, I had a piece of baked catfish about the size of a quarter.....4 green beans......4 tiny cooked soft carrots. I was full! Amazing!

Tomorrow, I get to have an egg for breakfast! WOW, I used to eat 3 eggs plus 2 pcs bacon, 2 or 3 pcs toast. But one egg will fill me up now. I just can't wrap my brain around this. It just blows me away.......literally! Even my BMI is down about 3 points already.

I am actually shrinking right before my own eyes. I love it.
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
How it's presented...
When I was in the hospital after surgery two weeks ago, I was totally amazed at how pretty the food trays were when they got to our rooms. I kept telling my friends I felt like I was eating at a 5 star restaurant. All I was receiving was 2 ounces of strawberry sorbet or broth and 1 oz of Crystal Light, (I know, not much huh?) but it was set up so pretty, it just made all the difference.

I actually called the cafeteria at the hospital this week to speak to the Cafeteria Manager there to tell her how nicely the trays were presented and how I felt when eating my minute meals. Here is what she said "Oh, thank you. When I was a little girl, my Mama always told me 'It's not what you give a person to eat, it's how you present it. You can give them crackers and water, but if it's presented well, they will think they are eating steak and potatoes'. " And she laughed. But what she said was so true, and I can just imagine her mother telling her that. She sounded so sweet remembering her mother's words, I just had to share the story with you guys.

I met the lady behind this story today and I took her picture too. I won't identify her by name, but just look at the sweetness of her face. She gave me the biggest hug when she met me. Such a sweet lady.

Here is a picture of one of the dinner trays we were served and all the trays were presented just like this. How impressive! And such a sweet story behind them.

Notice the linen napkin covering the tray with another linen napking folded on the right. It has a small spoon inside it. The champagne flute holds the Crystal Light. And then there is a doilie under the scalloped edged cup holding my broth. Pretty.

Can you believe I was actually FULL after drinking this lunch???!!!!
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Over did it!
Yes, I over did things the past three days so I finally had to suffer some consequences. I forget that even though I am loosing weight, I had major surgery 12 days ago and I still have a bad back.

After helping Tom all afternoon on Sunday, my back was telling me to stop. I didn't. I went walking around Hobby Lobby yesterday with a friend for over an hour and then we went to The Dollar Tree for about 20 minutes. My friend kept telling me I was doing too much, to which I, of course, replied, "I'm fine". I wasn't fine.

By the time I got home, I was extremely energy depleted and in excruciating pain. All I could do was sit. I finally went to lay down for a little while. When Tom got home, I got up and came back to the living room and sat until bedtime.

Today I have spent the day resting, resting, and resting some more. I am feeling much better, and I have learned my lesson.

Tomorrow, I have a doctor appointment for my two week post-op check up tomorrow and I will be driving myself for the first time since surgery. That will tell me just how strong I am at this point. In addition, my blood pressure has steadily been rising since surgery (they took me off me BP meds) so that is something I need to discuss with doc tomorrow.

Will update you guys tomorrow evening.
Sunday, October 21, 2007
Another task accomplished....
Tom and I worked most of the day today cleaning out one of our two storage units that have been sitting in front of our house now for over a year. Here is a link to the post about them when they arrived. .
I have been looking out my front windows for over a year now and seeing nothing but the side of one of these units. Just getting rid of one of those things will save us $109 a month.

And I will be able to see my yard and the cars going down the road and the mail lady when she passes, and see the trees, squirrels & birds, and whatever else happens on the other side of the 'train car' storage unit.

Also, as soon as the storage unit is gone, then I can get the concrete poured to extend the length and width of the existing front patio. Once that is done, then I am putting a metal awning up to cover the entire patio and screen it in. I have already bought my porch furniture which include 4 chairs and a table that turns into a fire pit with a ledge around the fire to prop our feet or roast marshmallows. I also bought a fountain to make sitting on the porch with my feet up even more relaxing. I want an all-weather rug to lay on the concrete floor and last but not least, I have the wicker rocker ready to go out there too. I have it all lined up, just gotta get the train car moved first.

This was a dream Mom and I had dreamed and I am going to have it and enjoy it in her honor. She and I had planned to spend evenings out there with our little fire pit just sitting and talking or reading or what every came to mind. I may even put a small TV out there. It'll be a nice place to sit summer and winter and not get eaten by mosquitos or other pests. And even though she is not here in body, I know she is here in spirit, and she will enjoy the fact that it's finally finished.

Ok, I have rambled enough for now. Happy sleeping tonight!
Saturday, October 20, 2007
Giggles with Tom.....
I have been ordered by the Doc, not to drive until next week. So I have been stuck at home for 9 days and haven't been anywhere. I have been feeling a little better the last couple of days, so I asked my sweet hubby if he would take me to do a few errands. Normally, he would moan and groan about having to go all over town to take care of these things, but today he gladly agreed to drive me. It was nice.

We had to go to vote in our State Election; then across town to the Health Food store; then to pick up a dog house south of town; then to Lowes where he helped me figure out how to do one of my craft projects; then last, but definitely not least, to Wal-Mart. Gosh, it turned out to be a long day, but we had fun.

Several times we got tickled about something and just laughed and laughed. Once thing that struck our funny bones was when we stopped at Burger King to get Tom something to eat (I had to bring my lunch because of my current very restricted diet). Tom ordered his meal like this "a Whopper, hold the pickles and onions, NO cheese, just the whopper without cheese and a chocolate milkshake." The driver-thru speaker immediately burped at us and said, "Sorry sir the pickle machine is broken today. Ummm, I mean the shake machine." All we could do was howl in laughter. So the rest of the day, anything that went wrong was because 'the pickle machine was broken'. I know, I guess you had to be there.

But then later, we were sitting outside Wal-Mart waiting for a handicapped parking spot while the lady with the baby in the shopping basket, took forever unloading her groceries into her trunk. She very carefully placed each and every bag into a strategic spot. I am observing her maticulous placement and I suddenly popped out with "You know....she should have put the baby in the trunk first, because after she finishes unloading all the groceries into the trunk, the baby won't fit, and then she is going to have to ride him in the back seat."

Tom was silent for a moment and then burst out laughing. It finally hit him what I had said and we were off with the giggles again. No, I wasn't serious about putting the baby in the trunk, but the thought DID occur to my sick brain.

We were both exhausted when we finally arrived back at home, but we had a great day and one that will be remembered because of the broken pickle machine and the baby in the trunk.

Have a great day people, and LAUGH A LOT!
Friday, October 19, 2007
Have you noticed?
I love this new ticker I have up here. Just above my entry, I can change my weight loss ticker every time there is a new update. Pretty cool, huh? It let's me keep all you guys posted on my progress.

Today has been a pretty good day for me. As of today (8 days home from surgery), I can eat more solid foods. So for the first time in a week, I feel stronger and have more energy. I did spend a few hours today just watching TV, but got in a couple of chores in between TV shows. Dr. Phil wasn't that interesting to me today, so I started doing a few other things such as dishes, and clothes.

Just before my surgery, I bought the 1st season of Grey's Anatomy. I never had watched all the shows, just one here and there, but I liked it, so now I am watching them all from the beginning. Heather brought me the first couple of seasons of Charmed and I haven't watched any of those, so maybe I'll get those watched pretty soon too. Don't know if I will like those, but I'll try a few shows to see.

I will be glad when this election is over because I am sick and tired of all these candidates calling my house all day long. A body can't even take a nap around here because some voice message is going to call the house and say "Please vote for me!" Sick of it! Sick, I tell you!

I get to go somewhere tomorrow! Yahoo! Tom is going to take me to Wal-Mart and a couple of other places tomorrow. I am not allowed to drive yet, but I can still go.

Well, that's about it for today. See ya!
Thursday, October 18, 2007
More gone!

As of yesterday, I had already lost 12.5 #s. One week out from surgery. I did have a slight rough spot yesterday though. I won't go into details, but let's just say I had gotten a little dehydrated. I went through a very weak, nauseated spell for a while. I finally just had to go to bed at 8:30 because I felt so bad. I know that is part of the recovery process, but, right then, I sure felt like maybe I had made a serious mistake by doing this to start with. I don't feel that way today though because physically I am somewhat stronger.

Some folks still do not quite understand what I had done, so here is the photo again of what they did. They actually cut away most of my stomach (internally) and removed it from my body. Think of me standing in front of you, facing you. If you look at the photo to the right, there is a large portion of the stomach (pictured here as the right side, although physically it's the left side) that is cut away. It says "Portion of stomach which is removed".

This does nothing to change what I look like on the outside until the weight comes off. As the weight comes off, I will post some progress photos, so all can see the results.

Everyone has been very supportive and concerned about me and lots of friends & family members have called, or emailed me to checkup on me. Thank you all for your love and support.

As soon as I can drive again, (next Wednesday) I will be out and about visiting all of you again. We can still meet for lunch, I will just eat less! LOL

See you all soon!
Monday, October 15, 2007
Nope, can't believe it, but ......
As of today, I have already lost 10.5 pounds! That's 4 days out from surgery! All I can say is WOW. And I feel pretty good. Still recovering from major surgery, but am able to walk around the house, prepare my own 'meals', and post to this blog. I am almost completely off of my pain meds now and that's a good thing.

The hospital nurse called me today and asked about me and while talking to her, she asked me if I had weighed. I laughed and said well, yes, but it was just for kicks. She said 'today?'. I told her no, it was 2 days ago. She told me to go weigh today while she was on the phone and low and behold! 10.5 pounds down. She said that was pretty normal and that I am doing well.

I am already looking forward to Friday when I can add a few little soft solids to my diet. I can hardly wait to eat some cottage cheese! I know, you are all out there saying, oh yuck! But it really sounds good to me. Cottage cheese with a little bit of pineapple juice on it. YUMMMMY! And yogurt and 'cream of' soups. Another YUMMMMM!

Ok, I'll quit grossing you all out and get back to what I need to do.
See you all soon!
Saturday, October 13, 2007
Home and Recoverying
I had my surgery two days ago and came home yesterday. I am doing well, just a little tired, but nothing serious. I will post more as I am able to spend more time here. Thank you all for your calls, your thoughts, and your prayers. Talk to you all soon.
Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Damn! I'm gonna miss Hollydays
Hollydays is an annual shopping extravaganza for Christmas gifts or for yourself that I just love to go to. There are so many booths, It's hard to see them all. Well, it's this weekend and since tomorrow is surgery day, I won't be traveling anywhere except from my bed to the sofa this weekend. But that's ok. Next year, I will weigh a lot less and be able to really enjoy the shopping.

Yep, tomorrow is the day. Today is my preparatory day. I was allowed 2 eggs, 2 pcs. bacon, 2 pcs. toast and a small glass of skim milk. That was at 8:30 this morning. I can only have clear liquids for the rest of the day until midnight then nothing else to eat. I have had some sugar free jello late this afternoon and I will have soup broth for supper. Then that is it.

Tom took me out last night to a Chinese buffet for my 'last supper'. It was really good and the music was soft and relaxing, so I enjoyed it all. We came home after that and watched a movie together. We watched Evan Almighty. It was pretty cute. We enjoyed it.

I spent today wrapping up paper work for the month, so I won't have to worry about that for about four weeks. What a relief that was. I hate doing that kind of stuff, until it's all over, then I see the clean desk and I am glad I did it. It's just the idea of getting started. And that reminds me of something:

People are always saying that I advertise for products that I like, and I do. But I can tell you, NEVER do business with AAA Visa card. Those people are nuts. When I first opened the account they had offered a 5.9% interest rate. Ok, that's pretty good, so I went for it. Well things went along well for a little while and then they wrote me a letter saying they were raising their rates and would I approve my rate to be raised. Of course, I declined. What idiot would agree to raise their rate? So they told me I could no longer have the account unless I agreed to raise the rate. I saw red and I closed the account.

Meanwhile, I set it up to automatically be paid each month from my checking account. I paid out the account, had a zero balance. They continued to deduct money from my checking account ( I have never had this problem with anyone else. If you have a zero balance, there is nothing for them to deduct for). So last month I called them and they refunded my money and told me their apologies, and that it wouldn't happen again.

Well, they lied. This month I get another notice they have deducted ANOTHER payment from my checking account! I lost it. After I got through reaming the ass of the guy that answered the phone, I am getting another refund and they are zeroing out my zero balance account and he promised no more will be deducted. I got his name and badge number this time. If it happens again, I will go to the bank and put a stop to it there. Larkie, you will appreciate this......there are little indentions in the ceiling of my house where I just about went through the ceiling with this idiot. I was looking over the top of my glasses at the phone. I wanted to punch his lights out.

Okay everybody. It'll be a few days before I post again, so say prayers and when I get back home, I will start posting again as I loose weight! Yahooooooooo!
Monday, October 08, 2007
Just a day of rest

I have done absolutely NOTHING all day. It was nice. No clothes to wash, no dinner to cook, no work to do, (did I forget to pay bills? uh oh). Anyway, I watched a lifetime movie, took a nap, and watched the storm this afternoon.

When I went to see Ash Sunday, I didn't post his pic here to show all of you how good he looks. So here are a couple of pics for you. He has put on a lot of weight and some muscles and seems very happy and healthy. I loved seeing him.

And of course, they had to take one of me with him.So, this has been a good, do-nothing day.
Sunday, October 07, 2007
Visit with Ash and Chair Turtle
I got to see Ash today for the first time in 3 months. He looks so good. He has gained about 30 lbs. and has built muscles, has a great tan from working outside a lot. It was nice to sit and talk with him for a while. We had a 3 hour visit and it flew by so quick, I thought my watch was wrong. I won't be able to see him again for about 60 days, but it helped to see him today and I think it helped him too, just to know someone is out there pulling for him. He has gotten lots of mail and received lots of birthday cards, so everyone that sent one, he appreciated it a lot.

He was a little bit down inthe dumps today because one of his peers was evicted from the program and that upset Ash. He was also upset because he had been called down about something he said he didn't do. Well that means he will be working in the kitchen for 30 days and it takes him just that much longer to gain his visitation priviledges. But I just told him to live for today only and do what he has to do today and don't worry about tomorrow or 30 days all at once. I hope he listened. I love him so much and I just want him to be a healthy responsible man that can ultimately get married to a nice wife and have a family. This is a start.

Remember the other day when I tried to upload a video to show you guys the 'chair turtle' at the beach? Well, I am going to try it again. I compressed it, so maybe it will work now. We shall see:

Yay!!! It worked! Now you too, can see the chair turtle. I know, we have a weird sense of humor. What can I say?

Saturday, October 06, 2007
Butterfly Life

While we were in Destin last week, there were quite a few butterflies actually flying over the Gulf waters. One of the other guests that were staying at the same place we were, said that butterflies only live one day! I couldn't accept that, so, of course, I had to come home and look that up. I wish I had known this so that I could have disputed that woman's erroneous information. How could something this beautiful only live one day?

Butterfly Lifespan

The lifespan of butterflies depends on the species in question and, of course, the conditions they are kept in (and whether they hibernate or not, which is not taken into account here). Generally speaking, there are two types of butterfly (as far as longevity is concerned).

Firstly there are the species that only consume nectar - these are species like papilios and nymphalidae. Nectar is purely an energy source and consequently the lifespans of these species are short - sometimes as low as a week but usually up to three or more in good conditions.

The second type are those that feed on both nectar and pollen; pollen is a protein source so allows some rejuvenation of body tissue and thus these species live longer, around three months or so as a general guide. This category is filled by species like heliconidae.
Friday, October 05, 2007
FERN is my middle name. I have been tagged by FroggieMom to do this and I thought it might be fun. Thank God, I have a short middle name. :)

F - Friend, Friends, Friendly - Someone said just the other day that I meet no strangers. That is very true. I love people and meeting new people and I make friends easily. Maybe that comes from moving around so much when I was a kid and my Dad was transferred a lot. It was a very nice compliment to me anyway.

E - Energetic - I don't mean that I am energetic when it comes to exercise and stuff like that, but energetic about traveling and meeting new people and spending endless hours on my computer looking around at sites I have never seen before. I am also very energetic about things I believe in. I don't give up easily.

R - Real - That was something my husband said about me the first day he met me. He said I am real, like ice and fire. I am not quite sure what he meant by that, but I thought it was sweet and I have always loved him for it. He even put a ruby and a sapphire on my wedding band to represent that about me. I love it. And I love him. Thank you for loving me Tom.

N - New - I love to go to new places and learn new things about the places to which we travel. and I Never want to stop learning. So Never is another N word. I am also a little Nerdy because I love reading, and I was a programmer before I retired and I love word games.

I am not going to tag anyone, but it was interesting to do. Please do it too. Well, maybe I will tag Gerrygirl.
Thursday, October 04, 2007
I have the finally go-ahead.....
I have finished all my pre-op tests now and have the final go-ahead from all the docs for my surgery next week on the 11th. When they said everything was cool, I suddenly started going through a lot of fear about it all. It's not the surgery itself, it's the aftermath and the clear liquid diet I will be on for 9 days. There will be no solid food for at least 3 to 4 weeks, and THAT is what is terrifying me. Can I do it? I have to.
Wednesday, October 03, 2007
A beautiful world....
We arrived about 6:00 pm on Friday the 21st, and at first had a little trouble finding our rental condo, but once we found the right place, it turned out to be beautiful. The sand was vivid white and the water was clear green close to shore and then a beautiful blue further away. Awesome! All I could do was stand there and stare at the beauty of it all. How can anyone see all that and not believe there is a Higher Power?

There was a storm in the Gulf that came inland right over the top of us, but it was mild and just brought rain and large waves. Lots of folks enjoyed those waves for surfing, and it was fun for us to watch them try to actually ride those waves. We laughed a lot at the amount of work they did to ride a wave about 3 to 5 feet. Somehow it just didn't seem worth it. But hey, they were having a good time.

We enjoyed watching the 'chair turtle' come out every morning and every evening putting out and taking up the chairs and umbrellas. I took a video of it being done and you will see why we called him the 'chair turtle'. Check this out: Well, after trying for hours to upload this video, it would not happen. Damn blogspot. Sorry, I can't show you now how funny the chair turtle was.

Tom and I were alone until Wednesday when the kids started showing up. Allen and Heather arrived Wednesday night just in time to go out to eat dinner,yay! And then Kirk and Deirdre came in Thursday morning around 10:30 am. Kirk was like a kid in a candy store. He loved being in the water and trying to body surf. We all ended up buying boogie boards and spent endless hours boogying in the surf.

By Friday the surf was so calm it was impossible to do anything but just float in the water in the calm seas. Of course we spent a lot of time eating and going to the souvenier shops, and chasing down the Dippin' Dots stores. YUU-UMMY! My favorite flavor is Strawberry Cheesecake Yogurt...
There I go with the advertisements again! LOL

Saturday the waves started picking up again so Kirk was out there 'surfing' again. He, Tom and Allen were on the first sandbar and suddenly they saw a very dark image in the clear waters. Yes, it was a shark about 5 to 6 feet long. It was between the guys and the shore, so all they could do was stand perfectly still. I can't imagine being this close:

The shark was apparently fishing, so it went around Allen, then around Tom, and then back out to open water. With a breath of relief they all clammored out of the water and sat on the beach watching along with the Fire and Rescue Beach Patrol. Thirty minutes later, no one had seen the shark again, so back in the water they went! Not me, no way, un uh! Two years ago, there was a 14 year old girl killed by a shark 8 miles east of there. So I was finished with being in the water.

We all had a wonderful time and we all wanted to stay, but Sunday morning came all too soon and we had to come home to reality again. Thank God, we all came home in one piece with beautiful memories and lovely pics to remind us.