Saturday, February 07, 2009
Another strange visitor!
These are the perks of living away from town in the country. Today a Billy Goat showed up and visited for a while. Here are his pictures.....
He is a hansome fellow isn't he?
I have some pretty unusual visitors sometimes, but I like it. I would have a menagerie if I could afford to feed all the animals. This guy lives across the street and he gets out of his enclosure all the time, but it's the first time he has ever come this far from his home. I just hope he won't get hit out in the highway.
Tom finally got the goat to follow him back across the street. He put him back in the enclosure. The people that used to live there are trying the sell that property, but they come out a few days a week to feed the goats and check on the place. The poor goats probably feel abandoned, but I know they are being taken care of. I will check on them every couple of days, just the same though.
Besides the goat, things are going well. Still having a LOT of back pain and have made an appointment with my doctor to talk about what he can do. He mentioned surgery several times, but I have been avoiding that. Now I am willing to listen.
Have a great day everyone.

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  • At 5:47 PM, Blogger MarkD60

    My friend had back surgery, and it made everything better.

    Very cool looking goat! Do you eat goat? I had some curried goat just the other day!

  • At 9:47 PM, Blogger Oopsy Daisy

    What a cute goat. It looks like a dog with horns almost.

    Oh my Lord, don't have back surgery. Do everything you can to possibly avoid it! Because the scar tissue builds up and well, just use my back as a nightmare story for why to not have back surgery. If I knew then what I know now.... sheesh!

    I've been meaning to email you. Looks like our plans are being pushed more to the back end of Feb. I'll drop you a line when we have definate dates and such.

    Good luck with the back. Sleep with a pillow between your knees!