Thursday, August 21, 2008
Another chapter begun
Hi all,

Yesterday, I had the first stage of recovery from breast cancer done. I had a lumpectomy and am doing GREAT! I have very little pain, more like a slight discomfort. My boobie is swollen and bruised, but hey, I still have the boob!

There were two needles inserted in the breast just prior to the surgery. This was done by a radiologist. This actually bracketed the area of cancer so that the surgeon could take all of that area. All of the tissue they took will be biopsied to make sure they got everything. I am confident that they DID get it all, and will be having radiation as a guarantee.

Here is a picture of what they did yesterday:

I am glad that part is done. Now, I can focus on getting on with my life. My family and I will be vacationing in Destin soon and when we get back, my radiation treatments will begin. I will have 35 treatments over a 7 week period.

I will be posting here as it goes on, so that everyone will know what's happening.

Love you all! See ya all soon!

Monday, August 04, 2008
Decision made!
After much thought, prayer, speaking with other survivors, and research, I have decided to have the lumpectomy and then the 35 radiation treatments. As it stands now, I will be having surgery (outpatient) on August 20 to remove the cancer as well as healthy tissue around the affected area. Recovery time is about a week. I will start radiation sometime around the middle of September. That will take 7 weeks.

I am truly feeling well, and very positive at this point. I have agonized over this decision, but now that it is made, I feel so much lighter!

There is a wonderful website that I have been reading a lot. It is cancergeek. He has lots of information there that is very helpful and he has written me a couple of times after my asking questions through email. He seems very kind and knowledgeable.

Thanks again to all who love me and have been saying prayers on my behalf. Tom and my friend Patsy have gone to the doctor visits with me, so I have 3 sets of ears listening to all that the doctor tells me. That really helps too! Thank you to Tom and to Patsy.

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