Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Hi everybody!
Not much is going on these days, so that's why I haven't been posting. I guess it's almost a relief that things are sort of quiet for the past few days.

Today I took my sick computer in to a place in Baton Rouge that I will now start using for all my computer needs. Those people were so nice, I couldn't believe it. My computer is a Gateway and I am (or at least have been) a diehard Gateway user. Well I finally got pissed at Gateway last night after waiting for over a month for an A/C adapter and power cord. They kept giving me the runaround about when it would get here. Finally I told them to forget it and to cancel my order.

The place I went to today took my computer and called me back in two hours and told me exactly what was wrong, which was the adapter and power cord, and told me they would order one for me and have it in in 5 days. The man was so nice and knowledgeable. He even told me I have one NICE laptop and not to ditch it, but to fix it because it is so nice. Thank you Shane.

So my laptop should be back up and running in a week or so. I have been frantic to get pictures of my Mom off of it and Shane told me he would do that for me too. How nice of him. I have definitely learned me lesson about backing up my data too. I will do that from now on. I won't get caught like this again, I assure you. I have experienced the pain of not having the backup, so I won't do that again.

Oh no! I spoke too soon. I just get a phone call from my daughter. Her little dog got killed today. Her husband was in a hurry going up the drive way (it is a very LONG driveway) and the dog ran out in front of him and he ran over her with the truck. They are both so very upset. Poor Heather and Allen. I feel so badly for them. They both loved that little dog. Say a prayer for them please.

Going to bed now, I am very sleepy.
Friday, July 13, 2007
The Fly Won!
I never did get that pesky fly, BUZZ.. but I tried really hard. It's a good thing they only live 30 days! I haven't seen him today, but he gave me a run for my money last night for sure.

I sat here with my zapper in hand and everytime he would fly by me, I would wave that zapper and the fly would wave at me and laugh. BUZZ.......... Oh well. I lost that battle. Buzz... Can't win them all I guess.

Heather is here tonight visiting me. I am so glad to see her. It's been about a month since she was here. Actually it was Father's Day weekend, so it has been a month. I miss her so much that today I called her and said "Are you comin to pen da nite wit me tonite?" She said YES!

She got here about 9:00 pm and we have been playing Martina McBride videos on the computer and crying and singing and laughing having a great time. Talking about my Mom and the fact she would probably tell us girls to go to bed and go to sleep and quit talking and giggling. She would too! We both miss Mom very much.

Tomorrow will be a big day. We are going shopping at Hobby Lobby, Wal Mart, Lane Bryant, and where ever else we end up. I am excited. I get to go somewhere. I have been at home since Tuesday after having my back injected. Now I am ready to RIDE!

Today I got a chance to get in the pool and clean and vacuum it before the weekend. It is supposed to rain, but maybe we will get a chance to float a while. I sure hope so. We enjoy just chatting with each other. I am blessed, truly blessed, to have such a great relationship with Heather. I enjoy her company, doing most anything with her.

We are also planning our vacation in September. We are all going to Destin. Can't wait!

That's all for now. Will write more later. Beddy bye time.

Oh and one more thing. I heard this song on the radio the other day and I finally found a way to put it on my site. Click on that big arrow in the middle and it will play. It is Martina McBride singing 'Anyway'. It's beautiful and means so much to me in my life.
Damn House Flies
I have been sitting here at my computer for about 3 hours now and have been fighting with a house fly for the entire time. He buzzes my head and face about every 3 to 4 minutes. ERRRRR!!#*)%)%#*$&@)(#%* FLY!

Ok, so I bought one of these handy dandy gadgets that are supposed to kill anything that buzzes you right? It looks like thisand the only thing I have been able to zap buzzz...with it is ME! That damn thing hurts let me tell you! It has a lot of voltage coming out of that thing and if you touch it, it zaps the crap out of you! Buzz... All the fly does is fly around it when I am waving it around in the air. Buzz.... I even caught the fly inside a lamp that has the top open and I layed the stupid zapper over the opening. What did the fly do? It crawled through the holes in the zapper. How is that possible? Buzz......

So I am sitting here with my zapper and I am determined to have a dead house fly before I go to bed. Buzzzz...... It is now 1:10 am and I am beginning to wonder if I will get to go to sleep tonight or not.

Now chances are that the buzz....won't follow me to bed, since I sleep on the other end of the house and the lights are off on that end, but I am determined, DETERMINED, DO YOU HEAR ME? I want this buzzz.......damn fly dead! Dead! Dead! Buzz.

I am going to keep trying. I know one thing, I am just about worn Buzz....down and I want to go to bed. He isn't giving up either. BUZZ!!!!!

He is now in the drug rehab program and things are going well so far. Please keep praying for him and his recovery.
Friday, July 06, 2007
Missing? or Not?
Ok, I have been worried about my son for a week now. The last I saw or heard of him was Tuesday a week ago. His girlfriend called me and she was also worried as she hadn't heard from him since Thursday. Ok a week has gone by and no one has heard from him. This isn't the first time he has fallen off the face of the earth without a word to anyone.

He left his job, was supposed to start a new one, never showed up. Addict behavior for sure. I have tried not to let this bother me, but with so much that has happened in my life over the last year and a half, I stand on pins and needles wondering if he will be the next one they call me about. God help me if that happens.

Well, today, I finally broke down and called the sherrif's department to file a missing person report. The deputy came out here about 6:30 pm to get all the information. He made some phone calls and at least told me my son was not in jail (where I would have left him for sure), nor was he an unidentified body. Thank you God.

That was some relief, but then I got angry. He does this to me and puts me into a frenzy of worry and doesn't think a thing about it. No phone call, no how are you Mom, no screw you Mom, no NOTHING for 9 days.

Low and behold 1 1/2 hours after the deputy left my house, my son calls me.

Him: Hi Mom, watch doin?
Me: Where in the hell have you been for 9 days and no contact to me??????
Him: Uh, at my house.....
Me: NO YOU HAVE NOT, we have looked there for you. You are listed as a missing person now.
Him: I am? Well, I have been here.

I am so angry, I can hardly speak. Why do I let myself get so upset about him missing when he has done this before. He doesn't call me when he is using drugs. I know this. But with all the bodies they find lying in swamps, canals, woods, etc., how I am I supposed to know that even though he is using drugs, he is alive?

Now he asks: What are you doing tomorrow (like I am supposed to just be available to him?)
Me: I don't know, why?
Him: I want to go to Cenikor if they will let me in. I need help. I need you to take me there.
Me thinking: and where were you when i needed YOU!
Me saying: I will take you there in the morning, but this is the last time I will take you because the last time I took you there, you walked out after one week. You wasted my time and effort.
Him saying: I won't leave this time.
Me thinking: Yeah, well, we will see won't we.
Me saying: I will take you, but this is it. After this I will not help you anymore for anything, got it?
Him: Yes, Maam.
Me: See you tommorrow. Bye!
Him: I love you.
Me thinking: Yeah? Why don't you show it?
Me saying: I love you too.

I will try this one last time. That's it. I am writing this so I will remember it the next time.