Thursday, December 28, 2006
What do you do?
In the future, I may regret this post, but here goes.

My hubby and I had made plans to go to my daughter's house for New Years Eve dinner. I was looking forward to it because we haven't been up there in a while. She and her husband live about 1 1/2 hours from here. It's a nice ride and her property is really pretty. Anyway, we had those plans.

Well my youngest brother decided he would come for New Years and stay at my house. Now that would have been fine, because he could have come to my dauther's with us. Mom wanted to come too, so it would have been a nice outing for us all. HOWEVER, now my brother's ex-wife who still lives with him and who is schizophrenic and does really strange things, is coming with him. Not only that, he is bringing his grown son and HIS wife. Talk about uninvited guests.

How presumtious can a person be? I didn't invite all these people. Now I have to cook a huge dinner AGAIN, like we did for Christmas instead of being able to go to my daughter's house and have a quiet peaceful New Year's Eve.

When I think about it, they are really coming to see Mom and I certainly can't deny them OR her that nor would I want to. BUT I DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH ALL OF THEM.

We thought about bringing my brother and his ex with us to my daughter's, but her in-laws will be there too. They are very religious. Normally that wouldn't be a problem,although I am not religious, but my ex-sil, being schizo, can start spewing her venom at any time. Usually it is stuff like "I hate God, and I love the Devil" sort of things. Now I know to just ignore her because she is sick, but I don't think the super religious in-laws would understand. So that made up our minds for us on that issue. Can't bring her there. Have to stay here.

Crap! Happy New Year!
Monday, December 25, 2006
Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope all your Christmases were as nice and happy as mine was today. All of my children were here safe and sound. Two of them had their spouses with them. Everyone got along, nobody had any arguements, what a relief.

The two girls finished up the minor food dishes that needed to be made. All the big stuff had already been done, but Heather and Deirdre finished the rest of them for me. My back had completely given out on my by the time they all arrived and I could hardly move. I really appreciated the fact that they took over the rest for me.

After we opened gifts, Ashley and Heather cleaned up all the paper, boxes, ribbon, and gift bags and put them away for me. They took all the wrapping paper out to be burned. Meanwhile the dinner was being finalized. We all sat down to our wonderful dinner to eat and sat and laughed and talked and ate till we were all full as ticks on a dog.

Once again, Heather and Deirdre to the rescue. They put all the left over food in glad and ziplock dishes, made themselves take-home plates, and started washing the dishes and putting everything away for me. When I went back in there, the kitchen was clean and orderly! Yahoo!
Thank you girls. I really enjoyed the day!
P.S. These pictures are not of MY tree nor MY kitchen. Just representative of the blog.


Friday, December 22, 2006
This is just too much.
I had to attend a funeral today and it has to be the most heart breaking one I have ever attended.

My housekeeper's son, age 16, shot himself early Wednesday morning while playing Russian Roulet. WHY WHY WHY would anyone play such a dangerous game, especially a 16 year old child?

All the other 'game participants' were over 18 and they all left him when it happened. One of them went home and told his/her parents that something had happened. That parents called the police and told them that something (they didn't know what) had happened so the police went there and found him.

All the other participants were arrested and charged with several violations. I think they should have all been charged with at least negligent homicide, but they were only charged with the contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and having an illegal weapon, and I think with posession of Marijuana.

My housekeeper (we will call her Nancy) was at her mother's house in town because her mother had had a stroke and she was taking care of her at home. The police went there with a picture of her son and asked her if that was her son, and told her he was dead. I can't even begin to THINK I know how she feels.

When I saw her today, she was just destroyed. All I could do is put my arms around her. She looked at me through her tears and said, "This is just too much." Bless her heart. What does one say to that?

This girl has had her share of problems. Her brother died a few years ago after a car accident. She had to pay for his funeral and she has no money. Financing the funeral was her only choice and she is still paying for that. Her daughter is mentally ill and has been since early childhood. The daughter recently had a baby that 'Nancy' has to take care of. In the meantime 'Nancy's' mother has had several strokes and can't walk, so 'Nancy' has to take care of her too. She also works 6 to 7 days a week cleaning houses. She keeps giving and giving and giving. But as she said, "This is just too much."

Please keep 'Nancy' in your prayers. She needs all the mental hugs and the prayers we can send her.
Sunday, December 17, 2006
People have been asking!
I know I have been lax in updating lately, so here is the update that quite a few of you have asked for.

First of all my sister is doing so well that she is now walking with a cane and is actually allowed to drive herself to and from physical therapy. She still walks with a limp of course, and can only stand for a little while, but considering all she went through, she is a miracle in the making. She actually traveled to see her daughter get married a couple of states away from where they live and now has begun to travel to some other places as well. I know God is looking out for her and that she has many angels watching over her and helping her along. Thank you all for all your prayers. She really has benefitted from those.

My mother is doing a lot better as well. She has been diagnosed with a blood disorder called Polycythemia Vera. At first the doctor thought she had Lukemia, or some other type of cancer, but after many tests have been done, there doesn't seem to be any cancer at all. YEAH!!! So Mom will have to continue to go to the hemotologist once a month and be tested for her blood count. If it is too high, she has to have a pint of blood drawn off and discarded.

We finally found out why the blood thinner that she is taking doesn't keep her blood from getting thick from the Polycythemia. Blood thinner is actually a misnoamer (sp?). It actually doesn't then the blood but rather keeps it from clotting. Thereby keeping her from getting blood clots and such. The Polycythemia thickens her blood because of a tremendous amount of red blood cells being produced. The only way to control that is to draw the blood off. So that's the update on that.

We are getting closer and closer to being done with this crazy house. Tom and I stay frustrated with it all, but it is just taking time time time. We want it DONE, but .........nuf said.

I had lunch with Gerry and Anna the other day and it was so good to see them. That is the ONLY thing I miss since I retired.....not seeing my friends as much. But I do, so much enjoy going to lunch with them. And each of them have contacted me to ask me to join them for lunch. That really makes me feel loved. Thanks to you all and you know who you are!

If I don't get back here until after Christmas, Merry Christmas to everyone. I pray your holidays are happy and peaceful. I love you guys.