Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Busy crafting for fair!
Hi everybody. I have committed to something I have never done before. I have rented a booth at a local craft fair. I think I am crazy, but I am going to give it a whirl. I hope I will be successful, but it sure is a lot of work. Time is critical and I am in a crunch. Wish me luck.

I am doing well in the weight loss endeavor. I am up to 37.8 pounds lost now. My clothes are beginning to fall off me. I have already gone down a shirt size, and my jeans are getting looser, but they are stretchy with elastic waists so I should be able to wear them a little longer without them looking too big.

To answer Mark's question...the reason I had to have some medical tests done after my surgery was because the doctor that did my surgery saw something on my liver while he was in there, but couldn't really tell what it was, so I needed to have a CT scan to make sure everything was ok. It is. I am very healthy and getting healthier the more weight I loose. Thank you for asking Mark.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving weekend. There was 79 people at our Thanksgiving dinner/family reunion. There was food spread out onto 4 huge tables. It is amazing how much food shows up at that event. Needless to say, I couldn't eat very much more than a small amount of turkey and some beans because the rest of it was starches and deserts, but I still ate a bite or two too much and really enjoyed what I had. Tom said everything else was delicious too of course.

We also got to babysit our little 3 1/2 # granddog for the weekend while my daughter and her husband went Christmas shopping. She is a very cute little dog, but she is so spoiled, she is a little pest. One time she shot out the door when I opened it and it took Tom and me about 15 minutes of running around the yard after her to catch her. By that time, I wanted to kill her. Everytime we got close to her, she would take off running again. Damn! I got my exercise that day for sure. I was so afraid she would run out in the road, I was in a panic. Since we live on a main highway, it would not have been a good place for her to run. She finally ran back toward the back door of the house and I got her back in. The little turkey, she is something! But she sure is cute.

Well, I guess I better get cracking around here and work on my crafts. I have 3 days left to work before the Fair and it is really hurting my back now because I have to sit in one position for so long. If you live in this area, come out and shop. It will be held Central Middle School at the corner of Hooper and Sullivan roads, 4 to 9pm Friday the 30th and 9 to 5 Saturday the 1st. Again, wish me luck.
Sunday, November 18, 2007
Busy these days....
I know some of you are wondering why I haven't written in a week.....nothing is wrong, I am just busy. I am not really sure what is keeping me so busy, but it just seems like either I am not at home, or busy when I am here.

My liver CT Scan was fine. I do have some cysts on my liver but they are benign and nothing to worry about.

So that's it for update for this week. Not much I know, but there is really not much to tell.
Monday, November 12, 2007
Break on through!
To the other side!

Yes, I have finally broken the stall. I am one month out from surgery and have lost 31.4 #s. YAY! Thanks Markd60 for the nice compliment, and also thank you Renee. I am happy to be on the other side of my stall.

AND, we finally got one of the storage units moved out from in front of the house. Now when I look out the window, I can see the whole yard all the way to the road, instead of seeing the wall of that storage unit. I can see trees and grass and leaves falling. Yahoo, I feel like I have been release from a prison of sorts.

All of this makes me feel so much better.
Sunday, November 11, 2007
My newest challenges

First of all, I am stalled right now for some reason. They said it would happen but not to worry about it, but gosh, I didn't think it would be this soon! I go from 28.8 to 28.2 and back and forth. Oh well, if I get my butt off the sofa, and go outside and walk my property, that should help a lot. Tommorrow, I am going to buy some fresh shrimp and cook those for our dinner.

Another challenge happened last night. Several of us went to visit Ashley last night for about 2 1/2 hours. We were told there would be plenty food for everyone. We are talking about 150 people. Well, we waited and waited, and finally a hospital brought a bunch of donated food over there for us to all eat. There were beef tips in gravy, rice, black eyed peas, uncooked vegies and vegie dip, and lots of deserts, pies, and cakes. The only thing I could eat out of all of that was the black eyed peas, and the mushrooms out of the beef tips and gravy. So on the way home, I had to stop and get some pintos and cheese at Taco bell. That satisfied me.

I know I just need to move more, but my energy levels have been so down since the surgery, I have had a hard time getting going. The doc finally gave me a B12 shot last week, so I am feeling a little more energetic.

Here are a couple of pictures that are comparisons from 1 month ago on the 11th, to
today the 11th :
Day of Surgery Exactly one month later (28.8)#s lighter.
I will have to have my wedding bands cut down, and have already moved down a shirt size and have even given them away! That felt good. I will miss my tie-dye shirts when I have to give them away. I guess I could wear them to sleep in.
I will break this stall this week. I am determined to break out of it.
Sunday, November 04, 2007
Finally called the Doc back.....
It seemed to be taking me forever to get over a sore throat and general lethargy, so I finally called the doc's office again and they told me to take my cortisone and it would help to kick it out. So I did and I am feeling better.

Yesterday and today Tom and I worked a lot around the house. He cut limbs away from the roof and then got all the leaves and pinestraw off the roof. That should help to alleviate the porch roof leak that had pinestraw piled up right were the leak was occuring.

I finished going through some boxes in one of the storage units so now BYE BYE STORAGE UNIT! YAY! Gotta call them tomorrow to tell them to come get it. It will be odd to look out the window and see something other than the steel wall of a storage unit.

I attacked the pool which had a cracked lid on the pump housing, so I had another pump just like the other one and got parts from it and fixed my pump. Now the pool is running again which will help with the algae it forms when it sits still.

The desk was cleaned off, all pool accessories we stored away. More things were cleaned away from the back porch and put in storage. Somewhere under all that stuff, there is a metal table I haven't seen in a couple of years. Maybe I will see it again soon. LOL
Thursday, November 01, 2007
Under the weather
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but I have been sick with sore throat, fever, chills, and other things, etc. I went to the Doc-in-a-box (aka-Walk-in Clinic) and got medicine 2 days ago. I am beginning to feel a little better, but no energy.

Today would have been my Mother's 73rd birthday. I had planned to go to the cemetery to bring flowers to the gravesite, but I don't feel like getting out today. Mom wouldn't want me to get out anyway. She would tell me to stay home and rest. Maybe I will feel better by the weekend and if not, I can go take care of that early next week. Dad's birthday is in November too, so I want new flowers out there for both their birthdays.

I just wanted to update everyone, but I am going back to bed, so I will post more when I feel better.