Saturday, June 20, 2015
New Car Smell
I was finally able to bring home my new 2015 Highlander Blizzard Pearl White with Black leather interior. I just absolutely love it. I have to learn all the things it does.It has apps like my smart phone. But there is definitely a learning curve. Just about the only thing it doesn't do is Wash and vacuum itself. Boy whouldn't that be nice. Oh well, that's what they make public car washes with free vacuums. Summer in South Louisiana means it rains just about every afternoon. It hardly does any good to wash it, but I will anyway because I want it to keep that new look for as long as it can. And the new car smell. I love that smell. It's sort of funny, but that is usually the first comment everyone makes when they first see it and stick their heads inside "Oh it's got that new car smell! I love that smell." Well it smells like new leather and it is a yummy smell.