Sunday, April 13, 2008
Six month pics
Here are pictures of me six months after weight loss surgery. I have lost over 77#s. I even bought myself some shoes with wedged heals! Wow, I haven't worn shoes like that in 15 years!

Amazing the difference in 6 months! I feel so much happier.
Tuesday, April 08, 2008
'No bathtub' story
When we made reservations for our trip to Orlando, I requested a handicapped access room. That was to make it easier to get the power chair inside the room and easier for me to shower. I usually sit on a bench because my back hurts to badly for me to stand while showering.

We got into the room and it was large and the bathroom was large too. It was nice and clean and nicely decorated. But when I went into the bathroom there was a bathtub with a bench and a shower head. No shower curtain and no rod for one to go on. The shower head was fixed, and they are supposed to have the hand held type that attach to a post half way back into the tub.

I called the front desk about the problem and the girl said "you asked for a handicapped room, right?" I said "yes, but there is a bathtub in here and no shower curtain." She said, "Ma'am, we don't have bathtubs in our hotel." I said "What? No bathtubs?" I am thinking, are we supposed to take our soap and towel to the pool to bathe or what~!!!! I told her that I was sorry she was misinformed, but that I was looking at a bathtub in my room. She finally called Maintenance about our problem (no shower curtain).

The maintenance man, finally brought a hand held shower head, but his supervisor's solution to the lack of a shower curtain and rod, was "just put towels on the floor to catch the water that escapes the tub while showering." WHAT??????????? NO! That is unsafe, and we are not doing that. Tom and I had to go to Wal-Mart and buy a shower curtain, curtain rings, and a rod and installed our own curtain. The hotel would not reimburse us for those things either.

As I said it is probably anti-climatic now, but I promised I would explain it to you guys. I am thinking I will ask my attorney about their lack of supplying what we needed and then refusing to re-imburse us for our $15.00 purchase.

By the was the Clarion Waterpark Resort in Kissimmee Florida. It was so noisy there, you could hear everything from the room next door, the stair cases and the floors above us and outside noise too. I will NEVER stay there again.

The only nice thing was the furnishings and the bed. It was a good bed with a nice lightweight comfortor. I want to get one like it. And they had it between the top sheet and another sheet on top of it. Nice! But I still won't ever stay there again.

Later folks.
Sunday, April 06, 2008
Kid wreck! WOW!
I forgot to tell you about this one.....Tom and I were walking through Magic Kingdom on Thursday. It was packed with kids on spring break and their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. etc. The expression "everybody and their brother" fits here.

Anyway, one parent in the crowd had a female kid by the hand walking toward us and another parent was walking in the opposite direction holding a male kid by the hand and as the parents were passing each other, the kids SLAMMED into each other! The expressions on the kids' faces were pricesless! And the parents glared at each other as if to say to the other parent "what the heck do you think you are doing!?" It was hilarious! The kids were not hurt, but they were stunned at what had happened. Tom and I just roared. Funny Funny.

Then, on our way home, we stopped at a fruit stand/gift shop place. I went to the restroom and when I came back, Tom had our sandwiches out and we sat in the parking lot to eat them. There were huges bins of grapefruit, oranges, etc. There was also one with pecans in it.

While we ate, we watched a squirrel scamper across the parking lot toward the bins. He had been here before, because he went directly to the grapefruit been, jumped up onto it, sat a minute, then hopped over to the pecan bin. He disappeared into it for a couple of minutes and then up he came with a pecan in his mouth. He sat a while working on the shell of the pecan, then went to another bin that had a roof. He jumped up into the open rafters of the roof area and stored his pecan.

By that time, Tom was finished eating and walked into the shop to go to the restroom. As he passed the manager, he said to him "How much are you paying that squirrel?" The manager said "excuse me?" Tom said, "The squirrel is out there shelling pecans for much are you paying him?" The manager's jaw dropped and he came tearing out to the roofed bin to chase away the squirrel.
That squirrel ran back and forth on the rafters, and even jumped to the backside of a hanging bag of pecans hiding from the manager who was running around and back and forth yelling at the poor squirrel. I wish I had a video of that, because it was so funny I had tears running down my face from laughing so hard.
There were many comical things that happened on our trip. I wish I had the time and energy to tell you guys about all of them. I still promise to tell you about the non-existant bathtub. But it has lost some of it's hilarity by now, but I will tell you anyway. Maybe I can get to THAT story tomorrow night.
By the way, we are home now and safe after driving through really bad thunder storms for several hours yesterday. We found out that approximately 100 miles west of us, got over 8 inches of rain. I think we got 6 inches while driving through it. I am happy to be home.
Renee, looking forward to lunch this week.
Later folks.
Friday, April 04, 2008
One more day.....
I know you all want to hear about the bathtub at the 'resort', but you will have to wait until I get back for me to let you all in on the story....sorry. I just don't have time right now.

We had our last day at Disney today. We spent it at Animal Kingdom. It was awesome! I have enjoyed most every minute of this trip. This week was spring break for Orlando however, so there were thousands of people here. At one point, I couldn't even see further than those folks that were right in front of me. The parade was going on, and we were packed in like sardines. I did NOT like that, but the ambience of the place is amazing. I don't know why I waited until I am 56 years old to come here.....

Tom has enjoyed it as well, but since he is walking and I am using the power chair, he tires out sooner than I. He has been very patient with me and has waited outside the shops when I have wanted to go in to see what they had. He has even joined me in many of them.

Today we rode a roller coaster at Animal Kingdom and now we can say, "we rode that thing, and never will again!" I haven't been on a coaster since my early 30's and this thing went up a mountain, and then came down going backwards inside the dark mountain. UGH! That was wild!

Tomorrow is SEAWORLD for a few hours and then we are on our way home! I miss my babies, my dogs that is. I won't get to see them until Monday afternoon and I really wish I had them in my lap right now.

More later folks.
Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Meeting new friends...
We were washing clothes at the resort where we are staying and met a family from northern Australia. Her name is Lucy and his is Terry. They have 5 children. I can't remember all their names, but I do remember the two younger ones...Dale and Emma. I remember Emma because of froggiemom's Emma. Dale is the youngest one, so I remember him because he spent the most time helping Lucy with the clothes she was washing.

They are a great couple and family. I hope to keep in touch with them. I have their email address, so I plan to write them. They own a camper park in Australia and an amusement park. I really enjoyed talking to them.

When they 'croak', that means they are sick......when WE croak, we DIE! What a difference. Their government took away all their guns (at least from the honest people) after a shooting spree like we have in the US almost on a daily basis. The government destroyed many antique guns. Sad.

Lucy and Terry and family, I hope you have/had a wonderful trip to the US.