Saturday, December 31, 2005
A very sad day indeed...
I have been so saddened today. My co-worker, Angele, passed away this morning at 10:50 am. She was a wonderful friend, co-worker, companion, mother, sister, etc. She had been suffering with Pancreatic Cancer that had matastasized to her Liver. Her doctor told her two weeks ago yesterday that she probably had about 2 weeks to live.

Angele and I worked next door to each other's cubicle. She has taught me over the last 5 years of working with her, everything I do at work. She is the kind of person I want to be when I grow up. She never had a bad word for or about anyone and if we were with a bunch of people and we were talking about someone, Angele would say "Now, I don't think we should be saying these kinds of things about that person." Such a lovely angel was Angele. I know she is looking down on me from the greatest of places to be. When she found out she was dying with cancer, she said she was happy she would get to see her mother and her aunt and all of those she had lost before. She even said to me "Do you think I will get to see God?" "Of course!", I told her. Absolutely, there was no question about that. She would be on his knee looking into his eyes. When she turned gold in her last two weeks, I told her she would be God's star angel and that was why he turned her gold. She smiled and said, "Awww, that's so sweet." I miss her so much, I can't even say how much.

More bad news.....My mother had to put her 17 1/2 year old cat down yesterday. He had started loosing weight and the doctor said he was de-hydrated and would have died any day now as his kidneys were shutting down. He lived a long and luxurious life to be sure. My mom never let him go outside, he stayed inside all the time and was take care of so well. That is why he lived so long. Goodbye Bandit.

And one more thing....Heather just called and her little dog, Shimmer, was killed in their driveway. Apparently the postman ran over her and she died a little earlier today. Heather is so upset, she can hardly talk. Heather just recently lost her dad too. She also lost one of her cats about 3 weeks ago. I know how she and my Mom feel. I lost one of my dogs about 10 years ago and I grieved for over a year. I still feel so sad when I think of her. Her name was Grace. It's so hard to loose those little ones that become such a big part of our families.

I hope this is all the bad news we will get for a's been one thing after another for the last two months. I don't think any of us can take any more right now. Hopefully the new year will be better for us all.

Happy New Year everyone.
Friday, December 30, 2005
It's been a while since....
It's been a while since I have written and I am having withdrawals. Each day since Christmas Eve, I have sat down to write in my blog, but have been sidetracked by something or someone. That is so aggravating...don't people know I am busy? I am not a 'talk on the phone' person and yet people want to call a chitty chat on the phone. I would rather communicate through this blog, or by email. I guess once I retire, I will be more willing to chat on the phone more. Maybe!

Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas.
Tom got a guitar and he loves it. My brother and his wife and son were here and my mother came for Christmas dinner. It was really good. We had a lot of food but it's gone now. I think I have some turkey left (who doesn't). I will have to figure out something to make with that. I just froze it for now.

I have received a request for the Dirty Rice recipe and I will be happy to post it here very soon. Daisy Mae, keep checking for it, because I promise to put it here. Just give me a couple of days. Here I am putting the rice in the dirty! Voila.....Dirty Rice! Yummy!

I wanted to show you one of the things I got for Christmas. Tom gave me a real cookoo clock and I love it. Here is a picture of it hanging in the interim spot on the wall.
I plan to move it. See the little cookoo bird? He was actually out there singing his song when I took the picture. It is absolutely beautiful. The cookoo is an authentic recording of a real cookoo bird. You can hear the echo and the water running in the brook near where the recording was taken. I just love this clock. I plan to move it to a lighter colored wall so it can been seen more clearly. When I get around tuit! LOL

We are going to my daughter's house for New Years Day dinner. I am to bring the cabbage and make the cornbread. I love cornbread! I guess that is typical of a southern bell!

I will try to write more and get that recipe up here in the next couple of days. I had two injections in my back today, so I am supposed to rest a lot in the next 24 hours. See y'all soon. Happy New Year! And Happy Anniversary to Karen and Ron. Love you guys!

Saturday, December 24, 2005
Christmas Eve
Well, it's been a long 15 hour day today. I wrapped Christmas presents for about 5 1/2 hours straight this morning. I kept thinking will this ever end? By the time I was finished, I was SICK of it. And TIRED! SICK & TIRED. HO HO HO!

Then the cooking began. I am making some dirty rice and it takes hours just to cook the meat right. It has to cook until it gels. Then you add the rice. I still have to peel eggs to do my deviled eggs. Everyone allways wants my deviled eggs. I have learned to do them up so quickly since I use my cake decorator to fill them and my little food processor to chopped them. Boy I used to spend hours doing that shit. Oops, sorry. Didn't mean to say that.

Tom and I just exchanged one of our gifts to each other. I gave him an acoustic guitar and he gave me a sho-nuf real live cookoo clock. It just cookooed 10 times about 21 minutes ago. If I am still up at 11:00 I will hear it again. It is so pretty. I took a picture of it. I will add it to a blog later. I don't have time right now.

Gotta go finish the eggs and fill Tom's stocking. Merry Christmas everybody!
Friday, December 23, 2005
Thanks to my friends!
Lynette gave me such a nice compliment in her comments a couple of days ago. Thank you Lynette, I miss the heck out of you too! We should commit to a lunch and a movie in the New Year. I would love to spend some time with you.

The last few weeks I have really seen who my real friends are and how many of them I really have and there are many.....too many to name individually. But you all know who you are and how much I care about each one of you.

You have all given me such positive support, I can't begin to tell you how much that has been and continues to be appreciated. You have all given me lots of hugs wether in person or through phone calls and emails. Thank you Thank you. Those hugs have been very much needed.

Oh, I wanted to update you all on the problem I was having at Thanksgiving, inviting one certain person to join us. Well that person has really come through and is back on the right track. He/she called me today and offered to come here tomorrow to help cook and spend some time with me. I would love that, especially since the "A" factor isn't a problem currently. So that made me so happy. I am truly looking forward to spending some quality time with him/her.

And my son is recovering nicely from his broken face.....I think I told everyone about that. I guess I need to reread my blog. Anyway, he is able to eat solid food now and is back to work. Thank God for his recovery in more ways than one. He is a special part of my life, to be sure.

I have surely missed Heather lately, my oldest child. She is living in another city now and she is about 1 1/2 hours away from me. I miss shopping with her, and galavanting around with her. I called her the other day and told her that because I was just thinking about her so much. I do know that she is happy and that is a wonderful thing. I love my kids even if sometimes, I could just shake them! What mother doesn't think that from time to time.

Well, enough rambling for today. Gotta get busy around here and get things done, dinner cooked, presents wrapped, house straightened up and ready for guests. You all have a wonderful weekend, a Merry Christmas, and lots of love from friends and family. I will write more early next week if I don't get to write this weekend. HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, December 22, 2005
The Letter......
Remember the other day I was talking about the jerk doctor that gave me such a hard time about seeing my son? Well, I asked my attorney to read the letter to make sure I was not out of line in sending it to him. He said it was fine, as it was non-threatening, and written to the doctor only, PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL. After the attorney said it was ok, I printed it and mailed it to the JERK. I want you to know, that nut called me at work today and proceeded to tell me that he wanted to rebut things I had said in my letter. I told him "Dr. So&So, don't you think we should just let this end now?" Of course, he was not willing to let it go as he wanted to fuss at me and tell me blah blah blah, I finally just hung up. HE CALLED ME BACK!!!! I told him to not call me at work again and to leave me alone and I hung up again. HE CALLED AGAIN!! I didn't answer the phone. He called AGAIN.....I didn't answer the phone. This time he left a 2 minute message...the voice mail cut him off, so he called back one more time and left another 2 minute message. This man is crazy, do you hear me? C-R-A-Z-Y !!!!!

Anyway, I called my attorney and let him listen to my voice mail from this nut. Attorney taped the calls for his records and called the doctor himself and told him he was not to contact me again. That if he did, we would have to put a restraining order on him AND turn him in to the AMA and the Medical Licensing Board. The guy wanted to still argue with Attorney, but Attorney was not amused....he told him enough was enough and that this was the end of it. So far, doctor guy hasn't contacted me again. THE NUT! I hope he has a wonderful Christmas! He needs one.

Well, gotta hit the road to go home. See y'all tomorrow.
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
God's Rainbows.......

Rainbows are special to me for a lot of reasons, but the biggest reason is that when I am worried the most about something going on, God sends me a rainbow to let me know that he is handling things and I don't have to worry. It's always such a calming feeling when I see one, because I know it's His sign to me.

I have a friend that lives in Texas. I have never met her face to face, but she is a wonderfully thoughtful person. Her name is Bonnie. She sent me a Christmas card and inside the card was an Angel of Rainbows to hang on my tree. With it came this poem:

Rainbows appear after mighty storms,
When things look their very worst.
Just when skies are darkest gray,
Look for the rainbow first.

The rainbow is a sign of God's promise,
That He will guide us
through all our trials,
No matter what their form.

When you feel battered by life's storms,
And when you are filled
with doubt and dismay,
Just remember God's rainbow will come,
For it's only a prayer away.

I don't know who wrote that, but it surely is true for me.

Here is an answer to the question, "Where is that pot of gold?" That is a good question too.

The idea that a pot of gold can be found at the rainbow's end originated somewhere in old Europe. In Silesia, an obscure area of eastern Europe, it was said that the angels put the gold there and that only a nude man could obtain the prize. Hmm..... Sounds good to me!

Check out the other Rainbow Facts at:

I just wanted to share my rainbow with you today. I hope it brightens your day some too.
Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Many years ago, I went to New Orleans with a co-worker. We had to stay there for a couple of days for our job. I didn't particularly care for this person, but I tried to be nice and hang with her instead of enjoying myself with other people that were there. Anyway, when we got back to work, several of my friends to me that she kept telling people we worked with, that I was WEIRD. Well, here is the answer to her opinion! It says I am only 30% weird. So THERE! As I said, I didn't care for her much anyway.

I am 30% Weird

Not enough to scare other people...But sometimes I scare myself.

How Weird Are You?
Monday, December 19, 2005
Weddings and rare photos..
Tom and I attended the wedding of our

son-n-law's brother Saturday night. It was a small but very beautiful wedding. I am including a picture of the bride and groom (Marci and Aaron) as well as Heather, in blue, (my daughter) and her husband (don't they look snazzy!) and one of Tom and me (we clean up pretty well too! huh? but someone forgot the flash! oh well.) The wedding colors were royal blue and silver. It was beautiful! Just thought I'd share.
Sunday, December 18, 2005
Well, I do love to dance....

Go see which raindeer you are!

I am Dancer

Carefree and fun, you always find reasons to do a happy dance.

Why You're Naughty: That dark stint you had as Santa's private dancer.

Why You're Nice: You're friendly. Very friendly.
Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?
Wednesday, December 14, 2005
My Christmas tree & Angel

Well folks, I finally got my tree up and decorated. I know, it's late, but better late than not at all, which is just about what I had decided. Here is the picture of my tree. Anyway, my tree is a fraser fir. It's a live tree. It looks better in person. I love the angel on top. Here is her picture. She has a candle in her hand that lights up and the underside of her lights up too. Isn't she pretty?

I love that Angel. I got it a few years ago at a
Christmas Around the
World party. She is just
so beautiful. Heather has already laid claim to her when I am gone. :o I hope that's a while! LOL

It's raining now and is supposed to turn cold later. It was about 75 earlier. It's just 68 now. Hardly Christmas weather. It would be nice if we could actually have snow around here sometimes, but that just ain't gonna happen.

Well, I wrote the jerk doctor a letter but I haven't mailed it yet. My friend is telling me I should probably just forget about mailing it and let the chips fall on him where they may. But I am having a hard time letting go of this. He was wrong and I want him to KNOW he was wrong. I guess what I really want is the last word. The letter I wrote is 4 pages long and hits every point I wanted to make. I will think about it some more before I mail it. THE JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you guys think I should do?

I think, for now, I will just go home this afternoon and try to relax, enjoy my tree, and maybe wrap a few gifts. We are having our office gift war tomorrow. That will be fun. I can hardly wait to do that. We always laugh a lot and that is what I need now more than anything. I hate feeling this down at this time of the year.
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Runaway train !!!!!!!!!!
Ever feel like you are on a runaway train and there is no way to get off? Well, that is how I feel today. I just want the train to stop so I can get off! My life is so crazy lately.

Ashley had to see two docs yesterday about his face and still needs to see an oral surgeon as well. Therein lies the problem. There is an oral surgeon in Baton Rouge that is one giant ASS! If anyone is interested in who he is, call me and I will be happy to fill you in. Needless to say, I would NEVER send anyone I know there...not even my worse I have any enemies? Yes, this jerk of a doctor is one for sure. I have to remember that what goes around, comes around. He will have to deal with someone like himself one day and it ain't gonna be pretty.

In the meantime, Ashley's car broke down AGAIN (second time in two days) and we had to run around trying to get parts for it...,....I should have been at work. I know he must feel like there is a dark cloud following him around lately. I guess I shouldn't complain about MY stress when he is the one dealing with the stress as well as the physical pain.

I am going to write this asshole doctor a letter and tell him exactly what I think of him...which is that he shouldn't even have a license to practice medicine at all. I have already started my letter and will finish it in the morning. WHAT A JERK !!!!! Have you guessed yet, that I am pissed about this SOB!?
Sunday, December 11, 2005
It's been a very busy weekend, rushing here and there to do and pick up this and that. It's such a busy time of the year for everyone, do we ever just stop and look at the beauty of this season? I love the lights and the music and the fact that people are seemingly happy. Some of them are even more courteous at the time of the year and some are not. I would like to encourage each and everyone that is reading this crazy blog of mine to say a kind word to someone, let someone out in traffic, smile to all as you go through your busy day. I know it sounds corny, but if we all did this in life, imagine what this world could be. Just imagine........

The kids and Tom and I, buried Heather and Ashley's father on Friday morning. He received full military honors and was layed to rest at the National Cemetary at Port Hudson, Louisiana. It was a nice service. It was extremely cold there and we all were freezing, but it wasn't raining, thank goodness. Heather and Ashley did very well at the funeral. Each did their part to make sure everything was done nice and correctly. That part's over now, but there are still things that need to be done.....paperwork. Heather has really taken this by the reigns and has stepped up to the plate to handle her father's affairs. I am very proud of her.

Ash is doing better, but he is still in a good bit of pain. He is going to the ENT doctor tomorrow to see what they will have to do about his face, eye and roof of his mouth. That is a new pain he is feeling now. I think he was so swollen, that he didn't feel the problem in his mouth. But he feels it now. I will update you when we know more about what has to be done.

Heather and I spent the entire weekend shopping, wrapping, decorating, etc. I still have to finish the tree, but Allen put all the lights on it for me and that is a huge help. He also finished putting the knobs on the cabinets and drawers in my kitchen and bathrooms. I really appreciated him being here and helping like that. I hate to ask him to do much when he is here because I don't want him to think I just want him to work when he is here. I definitely don't want him to do that. But the help he gave this weekend meant so much to me.

I still have Lucy with me and I have enjoyed her. She is so sweet, I just love to babysit her. Cosby is thrilled, but right now he is passed out on the floor because they have been playing so hard all weekend. He is worn out, poor fellow. He is just so in love. :)

Well, that's about all for now. I need to prepare some dinner for Tom and myself, and then finish decorating the tree. Tonight is the final episode of Survivor, Guatamala and I have to sit down long enough to watch that for sure. Will write more later. Don't forget to smile!
Thursday, December 08, 2005
Life's Commas!
My coworker and I (he is also under some stressors at this point in his life as well) got into a major arguement yesterday over a comma in a sentence! We were actually raising our voices at each other! Yelling! How silly is that! I wanted the comma OUT of the sentence and he said it had to stay there. I disagree, but after the arguement, I decided to leave every comma and misspelled word in the document just as he wrote it. I'll show YOU, damn it!

Well, we didn't speak to each other for a couple of hours, but he apologized to me later and I to him and everything turned out alright on that front. We laughed that all of that big blow up was over a damn COMMA! Oh....the commas of life, how they affect so much!

I have learned, over the years, NEVER to say, "What else can happen?" The Man upstairs will surely show you! I went to check on my son after work yesterday; brought him some pudding, jello, and applesauce. He can't eat anything solid. He looked a little worse than the night before because now both eyes are turning black and he is still bleeding into his sinus cavity, thus additional swelling.

Anyway, back to the reason to never ask "What else"....... as I was driving out of the driveway after seeing my son, I was sucking on a piece of hard candy, (butterscotch, my favorite) and one of the crowns in my mouth came off. Now, I have to go to the dentist TOO! Ok, I have had enough over the last couple of weeks....I am tired, cranky, and I just want to sleep.

I picked up Lucy, my son's dog, and brought her home with me. She makes me smile. And I soooooo need those smiles right now. Plus, Cosby (my dog) is so happy when she comes over. He is totally in love and he thinks I bring her home just for him. I don't know why he gets so happy, because he can't perform anyway, but he kisses and licks her constantly. I think he would marry her if she would accept.

Gretchen (my other dog) is totally put out that I bring Lucy in the house at all. She thinks Lucy should be banned to the back yard, never to set foot in the house. But then, I have always said that Gretchen is a 'B' with an 'itch'! All three of them together are quite entertaining, Gretchen growling at them for having the audacity to actually play and have a good time, and the other two for enjoying ignoring Gretchen. Poor Gretchen.
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Why can't we all just get along!!!!!!!!!!
It's been another crazy day in the life of Cindy. Yesterday at 11:00 am, the Coroner's office called to tell me my exhusband's ashes were ready for pickup. I had to leave work around lunch time and go pick 'him' up. Now he is riding around with me in the back of my car. Weird.........

I get back to work around 1:30 and at 2:15 my son calls to tell me he is at the emergency room because he got beat up! Beat up? what does that mean? How badly are you hurt? Maybe a broken jaw, Mom.....can you come to the Emergency Room? I go to my boss and tell him I have to leave (have I had lunch? I don't remember, but I feel awfully hungry) and I walk out of my office at 2:30. I arrive at the hospital about 3:00. My son is in x-ray. A friend of his is there in the emergency room waiting for him to get back. We introduce ourselves. Hi, I am Carla, a friend of Ash's, and you must be his Mom. Yes I am, Cindy....

Ash finally gets back to the room about 20 minutes later. Oh my Gawd! He looks really bad. His right side of his face and head is swollen till his right eye is shut. It's black and blue around his eye....His lips are busted and swollen (They look worse than Goldie Hawn's lips). What the hell happened to my son? He tells me that some one blindsided him with a bat or something. He didn't see it coming. He was knocked out and now has a concussion. They give him pain medicine.

Doctor comes in and says the x-rays don't show anything except an air/fluid level in his right sinus and he needs to have a CT Scan of his brain and face. Now we have to go to a different hospital to get that done, because this hospital's CT machine broke that morning.

We get to the other hospital at 5:45 pm, we are supposed to be able to go to the back immediately. Hmph! That's a joke........we are sitting in the waiting room for hours. At 7:30 pm, they take him for the CT Scan. He is in excruciating pain! At 8:45 they take us to the back, 3 hours later. At 9:30 the doctor comes in and says the CT scan shows 5 fractures of the right cheek bone and 1 fracture of the right eye socket. He must see a ENT/Maxioyadayada doctor. They give him a shot for pain and he is knocked out again. He is ok to go home and take pain meds and antibiotics. We are released at 11:30 pm. (Did I eat lunch or supper, I am sooooo hungry). I take him to a friend's house, because she is home during the day and can watch him.

I get home about 12:45pm, eat a quick sandwich and hit the bed. Good night.
Monday, December 05, 2005
Listening to Christmas music....

There is nothing in this world that can get you in the Christmas mood quicker than listening to the music of the season which is what I am doing right now. I love Christmas music.

I talked to a friend in Toronto yesterday and she said it had been snowing for 2 days there. I told her I was running around in shorts, a t-shirt, and barefoot. She couldn't believe it. I want to go visit her when it's snow season because I have never seen snow like that. It must be absolutely beautiful, especially at this time of the year. That's something else, that would put me in a Christmas mood for sure. It's suppose to be colder this week all week, so maybe the mood will hit me.

I really don't want to put up a tree this year just because of the work involved. I think I feel this way every year, but I usually end up doing it anyway and then am glad I did. They are always so pretty and I enjoy looking at them throughout the season. Maybe we can go get one this weekend coming up.

These trees I have displayed here are pretty. I don't think mine will look professional like these, but it will be pretty anyway. When, and IF, I get mine put up, I'll take pictures of it and show you!

Y'all have a nice day and listen to some Christmas music!

Friday, December 02, 2005
Movie Day again!
I spent the afternoon with my friend, Cynthia. We went to eat at J.Alexander's and then went to a movie. We like J.Alexander's Salmon with Orzo and Wild Rice. That's a really good dish. I think we have finally reached our limit on it though. I think next time we will go eat something else. I have had so much of the Salmon, I am a little burned out. Today it even upset my tummy a little bit. (TMI?)

Anyway, we went to see Just Friends at the Rave Theatre. It was a lite comedy. It was pretty funny at times. It's not a movie I would go out and buy now though. Between lunch and the movie, we went to WalMart and I bought Mr. and Mrs. Smith and March of the Penguins. I know, you think I am crazy for buying March of the Penguins. I though it would be a cute movie though. I haven't watched it yet, but I will. Cynt said she was going to laugh at me about it...I don't know why she said she was GOING to laugh at me....she was laughing already! Oh well, I will like it anyway. Cynt you don't have to watch it with me, I promise!
Thursday, December 01, 2005
My Brain's Pattern....Hmmmmmmm!
Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a multi dimensional wonderland, with many layers.
You're the type that always has multiple streams of though going.
And you can keep these thoughts going at any time.
You're very likely to be engaged in deep thought - and deep conversation.
What Pattern Is Your Brain?
This truly is me. I am a multi-tasker, multi-conversationer, multi-thinker. My husband says he can't keep up with me sometimes, because I go from one thing to the next before he has time to process the first thing. I'm sorry Tom and I love you tons and tons!