Monday, June 30, 2008
Ask and you shall receive....
Several folks have been asking me about pictures since I made it past 8 months. So I am posting these for now. They were taken on June 11, 2008. As of this picture, I had lost 86 pounds.

As of today however, I have lost 91.2 pounds, so I have shed a few more since these photos were taken.

This has been the most wonderful thing to happen to me since I met my husband 19 years ago. It has truly been a Godsend. So far my discouraging times have been few and far between. Every now and then I get into a stall, but I think it's just my body trying to catch up. Then suddenly I start loosing again. It's just great!

Well, that's my post for the day and probably for the week.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
A favorite spot now....
Last week I wrote about the bittersweet weekend we had with the moving out of my Mom's bedroom furniture and the moving in of my grandmother's bedroom furniture. As it turns out, That room is one of my favorite spots in my house now. Here are a couple of pictures of the bedroom as it is now.

I still need some white blinds, and I will use my Mom's lace curtains on the window. I think they will complete the softness of the room very nicely. Also, my Mom did the needlepoint flowers to the left of the vanity below. There are three of them.

I found two of these lamps in an antique store. They go in the room perfectly and compliment the ambience. I took off with the mauve/coral color in the lamp globes as an accent color in the room.

I love this little table. It is about 1 foot square and is just perfect between the two closets in the room. I am very proud of the way this all turned out. And the room has some of my Mother and some of my Grandmother. How could I ask for more? I can't and don't. I love them both for each of their parts in my life.

This was where my grandfather kept HIS personals. He used to keep silver coins in the top part that includes two small drawers. He would let me count them over and over when I was a little girl. I don't know what happened to those coins. I hope whomever has them appreciates them as much as I appreciate that special memory. It is worth so much more than the coins to me.
Monday, June 09, 2008
A Bittersweet weekend.....

Hi guys! Just wanted to touch base with everyone. I have been so busy lately, I haven't had time to keep up my blog and it's something that IS important to me.

This past weekend was a bittersweet weekend for me. Heather and Allen came in Friday night to spend the weekend. Of course, I was very glad they were here. However, my brother came over Saturday to move my Mom's bedroom furniture that she left to him in her will out of my house and to his house. I hated to see her things leave here, which was the bitter part of bittersweet. It was a sad thing for me, because it was part of her and I didn't want to loose that last part of her that was still here.

The sweet part was that my grandmother had left me HER bedroom suit, which is antique, in her will. We had put it in storage and after my brother moved my Mom's furniture, we moved my grandmother's furniture in the room. It is so homey looking and very pretty and it made such a difference in the room. I am very happy with the way it looks. I want to get some sort of arrangement to put on the little table next to the bed, and I need to get curtains for the window and it will be a very nice quiet room. I love it.

So even though that part of my Mom is no longer here, I do have a part of my Grandmother here with me. And I still have my Mom's recliner too. This all may seem silly to some, but I know most of you will understand how I feel about all of this and the sentimentallity of it all. But then, I am a sentimental person, so that's just they way it is.

Allen, and Tom and I went to Wanetiri Lakes on Greenwell Springs Road yesterday and rented a small boat with a trolling motor and went all over the lake trying to catch fish. We caught 4. Four itty bitty tiny little fish. We threw them back in to grow some more. But we did enjoy it.
Here are a few pictures I took while there.
Woody the redheaded woodpecker.
Mr. Heron in the top of a huge cypress tree.
Teeny tiny fish and Allen getting romantic.