Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Broken Mouse
Why is that mouses (or is it Mice) break so easily. I have bought quite a few mouses for my computer and they always break. Now this one is broken too. It works for everything except left clicking. ARGHGHGHG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I use the mouse for pointing and the finger pad for clicking. What a pain in the a$$. I quess I will buy another one when I go to Wally World. I should go today, but I don't feel like getting out today.

I have spent the last two weeks taxiing a member of my family around the world, so I just want to stay at home right now. I don't want to go anywhere. With gas prices as they are, I feel like I should stay at home as much as possible.

Tomorrow, though, is a different story. I am going to a line dancing class at the Brec park. That should be fun and it will give me some badly needed exercise. I was supposed to start last Wednesday, but couldn't so I am starting tomorrow

I will let you all know how it turns out.
Friday, February 22, 2008
When I break it, I break it good!
Please notice the ticker above. I was stuck for a couple of weeks, but I broke the stall and not the pounds are coming off again. I am almost half way! I hope I can keep this up, because if I do, I will be at goal weight by the time we go on our family vacation in September. Woo hoo! I need to exercise!
Stationary Bike Jumping Jacks Sit Up

Tuesday, February 19, 2008
I broke it.
After about a week and a half of not loosing anything (ok, maybe 2 weeks) I have lost a little more than 3 more pounds! I hate it when I get in the stalls, but it happens to us all, so I am not alone. Some have stalled within weeks of surgery and stayed stalled for several weeks. So far, I haven't had a lenghty stall. I am glad about that. So, I am really doing just fine.

It was a year ago today that my Mom passed away. I thought today would be a very bad day for me, but I have actually done well.

I did go to the cemetery though. The silk flower arrangement that I had put out there a few weeks ago, was gone. It appeared that the styrofoam the flowers were stuck in, had broken off and the flowers blew or got thrown away. I guess the storms we have had recently had blown the arrangement apart.

Anyway, I went to the florist across the street and got new flowers for Mom and Dad. I know they were probably happy that they had new flowers. I really had a good day. I hope you all had a good day too.

Later folks!
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
I have stalled!

I have finally hit a wall I mean stall! I have been here for about a week now. I am not worried about it....YET! Everyone stalls now and then, so it's ok. My body is catching up with itself. I will let you know when I come out of the stall.
Here is my 4 month pic taken earlier tonight. The lump on my right side nearest the door knob is my cell phone under my shirt. LOL

Sorry about the half grin, I have a terrible headache today. I can't shake it.

Hope you all have a great week.

Friday, February 01, 2008
I told ya I'd do that!
I said earlier in the week, that by the end of the week, I would have my BMI in the 30s! Well, I did that. It's 39.5!!!!! I am 11.1 points down from where I started. And 64.6 pounds lost! YAY! Enough of that now.

I went to Kiva's Restaurant today. That was my first visit there. Tom and I and our friend Cynt went for lunch today. It was really delicious! I ordered a grilled pork chop with creamed spinach and rice pilaf. The bread they brought to the table was so light and buttery, I had to eat some of it. I also ordered a cup of Shrimp and corn soup. Yummmeeeee! It was so good. By the time I ate a few bites of bread and half my soup, I could only eat about 4 bits of my pork chop and 2 bites of creamed spinach. I brought the rest home for Tom for dinner. He enjoyed it too.

After lunch, Cynt and I went to a movie and Tom went back to work. We went to see Untraceable. Diane Lane plays in it. I don't think Cynt nor I took a breath during the whole movie. It was INTENSE! It definitely kept our attention.

Cynt, I really enjoyed spending time with you today my friend! I always do.

Keep coming back to check on my weight loss progress. I changes almost daily. Peace!