Saturday, December 13, 2008
His eyes fell out and his nose fell off!
The snow was so inviting Thursday, that I finally mustered up enough energy to go make a small snowman about a foot tall. I put an oak leaf for his tie, and sticks for his arms, and a piece of board for his nose/mouth, and little pieces of leaves for his eyes. I found a piece of marble to use for a hat. Well, folks, I tried. What can I say? It took every bit of energy I had left to make him and I just loved him.

I did take pictures of my snowman and I will post pictures later.

Still having internet issues. I think it is my router causing it. Husband said he will go buy a new one and hook it up to see if he can resolve my connection problems. I absolutely HATE it when I can't get online and do what I want to do. It aggravates me to no end. Now why is that you ask? I really don't know, except that I spend a lot of time looking around on the 'net and shopping right now for Christmas since I have no energy to go shopping with my feet, so I do it with my fingers. I love being able to look at stuff and just browse the 'net. So for me, when I can't get online, I feel really left out. What did I do before I had internet? I don't remember.....

Anyway, My snowman is gone now, but he sure was cute while he lasted.

Merry Christmas every one!

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