Friday, July 11, 2008
Orange fluorescent eyes???
I have a good friend named Cynthia that says I have to be one of the most observant folks she has ever met. She said I see and notice things that she wouldn't even give a second thought if she even gave it a first thought or saw it at all.

Anyway, This is also why I wrecked my vehicle last week, because I do get to looking at stuff and analyzing things. Maybe I should have been a scientist....or not! Instead, I am just a nut! LOL

Last night I went to get the dogs inside when I noticed a June Bug laying on it's little back 'looking' up at me. Now I don't like those bugs at all, because they fly and might get on me, but this little guy was looking up at me with ORANGE FLUORESCENT EYES! Can you believe that? Who'd a thunk it? I was fascinated and thought it was so darned cute! I don't think I will ever be able to kill another one of those little guys............But I still don't like 'em.
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