Friday, September 12, 2008
Here we are again....
We are sitting here tonight while Hurricane Ike passes to our west. I feel badly about those folks in Texas. There is going to be terrible devastation there from this storm. However, I am glad it didn't come here. After Gustav almost 2 weeks ago, we don't need another one right now. We have had some pretty strong winds and some rain squalls off and on today. I can't see outside right now, but I hear the wind blowing pretty strongly.

I have been thinking about where to move to so that we don't have to deal with this kind of weather, but you know, anywhere you go, there is something you have to deal with. Heavy snow and extreme cold in the north, earthquakes in the west, drought and floods in the midwest, and storms like hurricane in the south and east. So.....where do you go? Something to think about. No place I know of is lovely all the time.

We postponed our Destin trip to the 20th of September. A week from tomorrow, I will be sitting on the beach in the afternoon. I have heard that the jelly fish show up 10 days after the full moon. Well, we will see because we will be there during that 10 day time frame. I'll let you know if this is true. I sure hope not.

God, bless the people watching this hurricane coming straight for them.

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